Hi ladies!

Boudoir is AMAZING. I love showing off how beautiful a woman truly is. Whether it's a gift for your spouse or a gift to yourself, you will not regret doing it. 

If you're already booked for a session with me, YAY! Click the link below to fill out your questionnaire & help me make this perfect for you. Xx 


The more details, the better.

Tips / Tricks

-Bring ALL the outfits, I am happy to help you decide what is best. 

-I always have champagne, I promise it helps. 

-If this is a gift, still bring an outfit just for yourself. You will be glad you did. 

-PLEASE consider letting me use your images. Whether it's in my private group or on the site, we can discuss in detail so you're comfortable. 

-I am super relaxed and easy to work with, I promise you will have fun. 

PS, If you have a Pinterest board, add me! @whitneyjevans

WE Photography by Whitney Evans

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